Jaffe rejects BF3 hate and context-warping

VG247: Following a bizarre internet kerfuffle in which the Eat, Sleep, Play boss was accused of hating on Battlefield 3, David Jaffe has told VG247 he loves DICE and expects the game to be brilliant.

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RAZORLAND2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

People can hype BF3 in response to thier hatred of COD (I can actually agree w/it). But what gets me are the people that do it as if they themselves are a more thoughtful, self-actualized gamer; its just one war game vs. another.

Yardie2436d ago

Why was he accused of hating BF3?, because he said great graphics don't automatically make a great game?

For me, the more BF3 gets hyped for it's graphics, the less interested i become, It's the same with games like crysis. If nobody is talking about the gameplay, there is usually a reason.

The enjoyment i had playing the previous BF games, is the only reason i still have this game on preorder.

ASSASSYN 36o2436d ago

Your last sentence is 100% why you shouldn't be disturbed about the hype of bf3's visuals. You know what to expect given your experience. The graphics upgrade should be a bonus if anything.

Yardie2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I have been fooled many times by assuming a game will be good based on the games before it.
infact i see many games in my collection that were FAR worse than the last game in the series.

BeastlyRig2436d ago

God of war 3 played like God of war 2 see he whould understand he falls under that category..

It only had better graphics..

StanLee2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@ BeastlyRig

I don't think Jaffe has been involved with the God of War franchise since the first game. That said, Battlefield 3 could look like Left 4 Dead and it would still be hyped to high hell. The problem is, the industry needs a giant killer and Battlefield 3 is their best hope of dethroning current industry giant Call of Duty. It wont. They did the same thing with Battlefield Bad Company 2 against Black Ops last year and look how that turned out.

Ducky2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

"And I also said that until BF3 shows more of its gameplay, that everyone saying BF3 was AMAZING and was GAME OF THE SHOW was both damaging and juvenile and- on the part of journalists who said such things- damaging."

That's about as close as he got to hating BF3... which seems more like he hates the people who praise BF3 rather than the game itself.

The problem with his comments were that he chose to ignore the previous footage of BF3 (the 12 minutes SP footage, the metro trailer, as well as the private demo)
His argument only makes sense if the tank gameplay was the only footage for Bf3, which isn't the case.
Yes, it looks like Battlezone HD, but the hype and anticipation the game is getting isn't due to that trailer alone.

I'll agree with the message behind his argument, but his arguments themselves fall flat because they're not taking into consideration the complete picture.

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Why o why2436d ago

If people look for an issue they'll find one. Never let the truth get in the way of hate fueled comments based off unsubstantiated evidence. Drama sells.

ASSASSYN 36o2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

If I never played a battlefield game, and I hyped it because of a demo showing of the game then I can see his point. But since I played virtually all battlefields available and know what to expect, I can hype it and call it a winner off of visuals and past experience. They all played great and I see no reason to expect that to diminish with bf3. I expect the quality to remain intact. So yes, fps game of what ever show it was displayed at.

Orange Juice2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Thats the idea. Its bad when journalists and gamers become so comfortable with a series that they hype a new product to oblivion and reward it game of the show even with little to no gameplay footage, solely based on graphics or expectations or nostalgia or rumors or what not. Maybe some felt that more substance was needed and less advertising before we know any features or if it will even work on consoles which is how the vast majority will first play it. Its an understandable concern that will be relived again when GTA5 is announced. I however know that bf3 will be amazing, as will twisted metal.

hatchimatchi2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Jaffe's original statement made complete sense. The problem is that people on the internet forget how to read full articles and they jump to conclusions, especially when they're a fan of something and perceive others as naysayers. Also, it doesn't help when you have all kinds of bedroom operated gamesites that will jump on anything just to get a front page story on n4g.

Seriously, 90% of the stuff on N4G is garbage and these small sites just upload their own "stories" to N4G because they otherwise wouldn't be read. It's a vicious cycle but I continue to come back in hopes for worthy news.

Moral of the story, people need to practice their reading comprehension skills. Some of these sites act like middle school girls gossiping in the bathroom, "OMG Did you hear what Dave Jaffe said!?!?!?!"