Nintendo Not Willing To Discuss Downloadable GameCube Title For Wii U

Yesterday, a Nintendo representative had made the mistake of saying that GameCube games would be downloadable to the Wii U. Today, however, Nintendo of America has made a statement today which doesn’t confirm nor deny this possibility.

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EYEamNUMBER12404d ago

that lady is new so she obviously let it slip

jacksonmichael2403d ago

That's why they should have asked her about Xenoblade!

iamnsuperman2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

It is highly likely it is going to happen. Profitable for them. I can see Nintendo and Microsoft eventually following Sony route and releasing HD/ graphical updates instead of having backward compatibility. It will be a ball ache for us but the remakes do very well.

Yi-Long2404d ago

... you already paid for your Gamecube games, so just use the Dolpin emulator to play them in HD and be amazed.

jimmyboy2404d ago

I seriously hope this is true. Especially in HD!

charmer2404d ago

people are getting real pushy on nintendo for details .. i think they are doing a good job keeping things hidden so they are not copied on everything....knowing sony and microsoft are in the lab copying right now..... we can wait we have 6 months or more to wait.

theredsquire2404d ago

so glad they included downloads!!!

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