Batman: Arkham City to Support Stereoscopic 3D for PS3 and Xbox 360? A San Diego Comic Con snap shot that was intended to detail some all new Arkham City action figures has seemingly revealed a little bit more.

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milohighclub2438d ago

Awesome, was gutted about the tint from the glasses on aa goty was dying to play it but it was 2 distracting! This is gonna be awesome!

Cerberus292434d ago

Yeah I was gonna go back and get the GOTY edition to try the 3d until I found ot it could only do 3d with the colored glasses that were included. Still an amazing game though.

archemides5182437d ago

it better have 3d, and MLAA on ps3 like the other new unreal engine 3 games do (like alice madness returns)

Raven_Nomad2437d ago

I'm sure the 5 people that care/own a 3-D television will be happy.

Although I'm sure over the inter-webs we can all pretend to have one eh?

Cerberus292434d ago

You can get a 42" 3d at walmart for $700 and they're always sold out within a day of getting them so apparently some people are buying them (including myself and 3 of my friends)

milohighclub2434d ago

You could pretend u have one, or you could buy one.

Laypoof2437d ago

We all know that the 360 can't do Stereoscopic 3D. Even Crysis 2' 'claimed' stereo 3d wasn't actually legit.

BrianG2437d ago

It can do 3D, just not HD 3D due to the limited framebuffer. It has a 10MB buffer, I believe it would need to be 14MB to simultaneously display 2 native 720p frames.

As far as what kind of 3D it supports, I'm not 100% sure. But Sony in particular is pushing stereoscopic.

milohighclub2434d ago

It only supports side by side as far as I'm aware.