Star Wars: The Old Republic preordering now available

MMO Examiner says, "Fans can now preorder Star Wars: The Old Republic at retailers and digitally. Physical copies of the game are posted at sites like Amazon and GameStop. The digital version must be purchased through EA's Origin Store."

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stonepaintings2496d ago

That seems like ridiculously steep pricing on all three options....and an in-game store? Like Cerberus Network and the Black Emporium? Because those were totally worth their own existence.

chak_2496d ago

"limited supplies"

LMAO, seriously. It's digital, how the hell can they come up with such craps

Kran2496d ago

Put it this way. Its limited because the only people who will get the items is those who buy the limited edition. lol :P

SuperSaiyan42496d ago

I just pre-ordered the limited edition a bit pricey at £129.99 but and don't have it up yet even though the official site says I can buy the limited edition at the two other sites. Hopefully as soon as has it up it might be cheaper.

Apollyn2496d ago

Pre ordered 2x from game 129.99