This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

TSA: "There’s something wrong with the modern gaming landscape. Something just isn’t right. I don’t mean the hacking and the piracy and the arguments over the pre-owned market and online passes, either. There’s something bigger going on that people don’t really seem to notice"

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jc485732584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

people just play and then forget about it the next day. They don't even know who Suda51 is for god sakes. It really doesn't hurt to do a little research you know.

games get canceled because developers are not confident

nofilter2584d ago

People wanted a sequel to Rez but nobody bought it. Price?

RoyaleWC2584d ago

I think both of these games look interesting and I'm sure I'll buy them in the future at a lower price, but neither of them appeal to me enough to warrant a full price purchase. Especially since I'm Australian where new games are $100.

Sugreev20012584d ago

Are you serious ?
It's not a good game.You brainwashed Japanophiles think anything from Japan is automatically brilliant.This game had outdated shooting mechanics,some of the worst voice acting,story dumber than Manos:The Hands Of Fate and Humor that would make Duke Nukem cringe."Creative,imaginat ive",in your dreams !

And what is this "we can't have nice things" BS !!? Does everybody in the US buy only COD,Madden etc. What about games like Portal 2,Bioshock etc. Don't you think gamers in Japan are obsessed with the same series they been for 20+ years.Suda51 barely has hit games in his own country because of their behavior towards famous franchises like Final Fantasy and it's ilk.