"Controllers are never going away" - Kinect boss

OXM UK: "If you're terrified Kinect's success spells doom for homely button-based game design, un-terrify yourself this instant. Controllers are "central" to Xbox and always will be, according to European developer relations manager Ben Ward."

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dirigiblebill2405d ago

"Better with Kinect" is the key to winning over the hardcore. Don't try to use it as your main control scheme, but do use it to add value to an existing control scheme. Hand gestures to initiate (but not set up) queued orders in a squad combat game, for instance.

DJMarty2405d ago

Kinect is shit period.

BUTTONS & Controller are required in gaming.

Kinect controls are lame and limited

Jump on spot, lean left, lean right, lean forward, run on spot.

M$ try to push kinect for voice which has been already done using a mere £15 mic. Kinect limited and way overpriced as it's simply a badly put together web cam, thats has a poor frame rate and low res camera.

Simply put Kinects shit, and will never replace the controller.

hard joe2405d ago

thanks for the info captain obvious

WhiteLightning2405d ago

"any kind of game on Kinect"

Really well you revealed Kinect in 2009, you showed it off in 2010 AND showed it off again in 2011's E3 and you STILL don't have any other games aprt from shovelware, dance games, fitness games or sports games. Instead you give us Sesseme Street and Disneyland Kinect.

It's funny, everytime theres an article on here with Microsoft basicaly saying things along the lines of "Kinects our main focus", "Kinect is the biggest thing in Xbox’s life right now and for the future" and so on...theres always an article later on which feels like there trying to take back what they said and reassure the core audience that they still care about them. They always come in of them is them telling the truth that Kinect is there main focus (basicaly f*ck the core) and the second article is them reassuring the core audience.

midgard2272405d ago

yeah especially with garbage like kinect around, any motion controller just sucks imo. the most motion i can deal with is little big planets shaking the head and boppin the hips with the sixaxis, besides that, NOTHING!

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