Industry goes to war with Steam

Excitement for Battlefield 3 could see Steam dethroned from its leading place in digital distribution.MCV can reveal that the FPS will be available to download from pretty much every PC platform going – except Valve’s kingpin service.

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Hufandpuf2498d ago

no one's going to war with steam. Origin is just a service that works in conjunction with the Battlelog service. I'm also willing to bet that BF3 isn't the only game from EA to use the Battlelog feature in the future.

ATiElite2498d ago

........and will LOOSE!

Steam/Valve is PC Gaming...along with Blizzard and a few others but for the most part Steam is the chosen way of life for PC Gamers. When EA and a lot of other publishers ditched the PC for the consoles (thinking PC Gaming was dead) Steam proved that PC Gaming was alive and very very well.

Now EA and Origins wants a piece of the pie well too bad most PC Gamers do not trust EA. I know for a fact if anything happens to Steam that i can play my 70 plus Steam titles with NO PROBLEM. EA will just be loosing money by not using Steam.

I'll be getting a retail copy of BF3 from

Klaykid1232498d ago

You will still have to download Origin, like if you buy L4D2 retail, you have to download steam. They just give you a key.

evrfighter2498d ago

Doesn't matter klaykid.

At the end of the day those that buy retail dont become a statistic for them to circle jerk to when they have their meetings on how the dd version did

Inside_out2498d ago

...and will be able to smash any competitor that is not in regards to pricing of games.

EA is a parasite and anybody that supports EA basically supports paying for demos, play passes and everything else that is evil in gaming. Wait and see what they do to Popcap, starting with the laying off of hundreds of workers.

They already destroyed Criterion, reducing them to making garbage EA titles. Criterion USED to be one of the best up and coming devs with even there own there a has been. FPS Black could of been a generation ahead if they had put in on 360 at the beginning of this gen in 2005 with multi-player...just sad. Deadspace guys are now at Activision along with move.

Hufandpuf2498d ago

You say moving to Acti is a smart move? Wow, EA is focused more on casual games than ever before. That's why they bought Popcap, and are planning to expand to the Wii U. That's good buisness. What does Acti have lined up? More Cod, more Halo, More of the same.

Calm Down Sunshine2498d ago

They can try.. But they won't win.

chak_2498d ago

It's not about win I think, it's about get a share of the big pie steam is eating almost alone.

At first I was furious of the no show of BF3 on steam, but hey, valve sold HL² with steam, so why wouldn't they sell their flagship game with origin.

That's financial logic.

DeadlyFire2498d ago

Exactly. Noone liked STEAM back then either at first.

k3x2498d ago

@ DeadlyFire

Does _everyone_ like it now? I doubt it. Their client is a slow and laggy resource hog; it often eats up more resources than the game that I'm running through it. I often can't download the games that I paid for due to servers being overloaded or really slow download speed.

Competition is never a bad thing. Stop overhyping Valve. Their games are average at best and Steam isn't the best/most convenient/cheapest way to buy games for the PC.

Dojan1232498d ago

There are not too many games you can hold from Steam to hurt its marketshare. EA needs to be careful. Yes they will win with BF but Steam may not put up future EA games which will cause EA to lose some sales in the PC market. I will get BF from retial since I do not trust EA's digital policies. If people are like me, EA will not get the full margin and reduce its largest PC distributor.

EA will need all the publishers to do the same thing if they want to decrease Steams marketshare. However, with Steam being a private company we will never see the numbers to see the impact over the long run.

solar2498d ago

i also do not trust EA enough to buy anything from Origin. i downloaded the program last night and it lacks the features of Steam, trying to register my games didnt work, the marketplace has console games on the store front, and the general layout of it was unappealing.

ill be buying BF3 also at retail and using Steam as my overlay. i do not want to risk having EA having full control over the copy of the game i bought. i dont want to pay a fee if i dont play the game for a certain amount of time. sales for BF3 will probably be less than from D2D!!! man do i wish!!

Theo11302498d ago

Dethrone is a pretty big statement, And this dethroning is going to take place with 1 game? Just because people will be FORCED to use another download service doesn't mean it going to take away it's other sales; Steam is still the de-facto digital delivery service out there, and one game isn't going to change it.

Trunkz Jr2498d ago

It's a start tho, and a smart move on their part. I'll give origin a try.

peowpeow2498d ago

A move like this either works really well, or backfires beyond repair. Bold

Voxelman2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

EA is hardly the "industry" part of it yes but so far they are the only ones.

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