Final Fantasy XIV: Introducing Settlements

The Lodestone: Settlements take on various shapes and forms, and are intended to serve as landmarks and bases of operations for adventurers. Future patches will usher in more features to enhance their practicality, with each location set to become the backdrop for an assortment of new quests.

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FredEffinChopin2526d ago

Keep it coming SE! Make things right and bring this thing to PS3!

hard joe2525d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pain2525d ago

Soon i will play this via boot-camp and get a head start and then when the PS3 version is ready i will transfer to that and proceed to play my life away.

That..and stare at Miqto'te butt all day long.

zgoldenlionz2525d ago

lol guess you saw the new bathing suits too.

Spenok2525d ago

Lol I sure did. Man this is such a relief to see this game with the proper direction. I need to start playing more as soon as this update goes live. Is it today or tomorrow?

zgoldenlionz2525d ago

@spenok i think its today should be up by now. i hope this update finally gets me excited to play, we will see.