Review: Super Mario Kart: still the greatest game in the series | Digitally Downloaded

Super Mario Kart is not just a game, it’s a piece of magic, Disney-style art that brings the inner child right to the fore and is an utterly absorbing experience. Still, all these years later, it’s a must have.

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allyc4t2531d ago

Best racing game of all time! GT5 and Forza 4 can't top it! :D

solar2530d ago

totally agree. it was simple yet challenging and the mp was addictive.

Der_Kommandant2530d ago

SNES was the golden age of nintendo

ForROME2530d ago

Def after that they slowly declined in pedigree and lost the hardcore, SNES was a great system

C0MPUT3R2530d ago

Mario Kart SNES great game.

blastermaster772529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

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