Limbo (PS3) Review *Brutal Gamer*

You are a boy in a dark forest, a mere silhouette who must traverse a harsh landscape fraught with one trial after another, with little to break up the aura of despair. Sounds a bit like the description you might find on a painting at a pretentious art show, doesn’t it? Instead, it is the world of Limbo, a game from PlayDead that was a hit on the Xbox360 and has now made it’s way to the PS3. Can Limbo grab the attention and provide hours of entertainment, or is there just a little too much darkness and despair?

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CynicalVision2411d ago

I don't see why this site scored the 360 version 9.5 yet only 8.5 for the PS3 version.

solideagle12411d ago

because it is on PS3 simple and short.


averyzoe2410d ago

Because there were 2 different reviewers, to offer two different points of view.