Star Wars: The Old Republic System Requirements Revealed

One Swedish website revealed a detailed list of hardware players will need to run the upcoming BioWare's MMO game.

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bwazy2555d ago


Damn those are low. Good news for people with low budget PCs

Saryk2555d ago

My PC will snort that line! But I expected SW:TOR to be low system requirements!

Spinal2555d ago

Like anyone actually needs the system requirements on this MMO lol. If you seen gameplay vids then you'll know if you can run it.

moaradin2555d ago

Those are minimum system specs. The game looks great graphically but they also made it pretty accessible. I doubt everyone in the world could run max settings though.

despair2555d ago

not a good idea to have high requirements for a MMO so they are on good ground there. What I want to see is recommended specs and how good the game actually looks on max.

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