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LOGICWINS2556d ago

If that trailer didn't make you a believer..then nothing will.

TheLastGuardian20102555d ago

Agreed to the power of 10. This is WHAT a video game should be; pure, kick ass fun.

I enjoy my Heavy Rains, and L.A Noire's, but game's like Saints Row is why I'm a gamer!

Not kidding when I'm saying, this has goty potential....Looks hot.

TimTebo2555d ago

This is a game I am willing to spend 60$ for.

marioPSUC2556d ago

lol love the big Johnny Gat heads

I really want to see what kind of co-op stuff you can do, besides everything you can do during single player.

WhiteLightning2556d ago

I love Johnny Gat

Shame we didn't get one of those bobbles heads in the Collectors Edition

TheLastGuardian20102555d ago

Ah, gta, you have come back to us!

metsgaming2555d ago

exactly this is what the old gtas were about thats why i love it and getting it.

unknownhero11232555d ago

ah yes, I can not wait to get my hands on this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.