New Tales of Xillia Character Battle and Support Gameplay Videos

A bunch of new Tales of Xillia battle videos have been revealed, showing the characters' unique battle styles and support skills.

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Misterhbk2437d ago

I really love the combat style for the main character. So bad ass! I hope this is coming to the states!

CrescentFang2437d ago

I was expecting Alvin to use INFERNO DIVIDAHHH, or at least have his Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon by now.

EngatoDreylorm2437d ago

Leia looks like she's fun to control.

Zermeno_902436d ago

Localize this son of a bitch!!

Bravo42436d ago

I'm not watching anything until the announcement of the game being localized is made. Its just gonna' make it harder.