RPS: Dragon Age 2 Expand-O-Pack: Better, Tougher, Morer

When Dragon Age II: Legacy comes out on July 26, it will mark the first real chance that developers Bioware have had to respond to the criticism you lot (you know who you are) sent their way after DA2’s initial release. It was a particular problem for the many fans of DA: Origins, who largely felt that the second instalment just didn’t produce the kind of fantasy experience they felt appropriate for a sequel.

But anyway, good news: Dragon Age Senior Producer Fernando Melo has read all those response cards, and he’s here to tell you — or anyway, he was at EA recently to tell Rock, Paper, Shotgun — that he feels your pain.

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Bigpappy2526d ago

You know, I just started playing this game a week ago. It is a really good game. The story telling and battles are of very high quality. They did dumb down the inventory a bit, but there is so much strategy in the gameplay, that you hardly miss the micro management.

ThanatosDMC2525d ago

I disagree but its too long to type everything that made DA:O great compared to the sequel beyond me how they completely missed the mark when they made all those DLCs plus Awakening.

Tex1172525d ago

DA2 is not a terrible game, but it lost the "It" factor that Dragon Age Origins had.

Dlacy13g2525d ago

Sadly this DLC for me comes too little too late. I loved DA:O, and was a bit let down by DA2. Once I finished I felt no compelling reason to hang on to it.

Oh well, I think I can wait for Skyrim.