First Look: Digimon World Re:Digitize

Andriasang: Namco Bandai's recent teaser countdown site counted down to zero today, revealing Digimon World Re:Digitize. Of course, we already got a heads up on this PSP title from V Jump, which had first screens in its most recent issue.

Namco Bandai also opened an official blog for the game. The first post reveals that the concept for the game is a "return to the origins," in reference to the first 1999 Digimon World game. Re:Digitize is a completely new title but will inherit the basic game systems from the original.

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CrescentFang2434d ago

They've made it a mystery to who's developing it...

zerocrossing2434d ago

Digimon world! That was a awesome game even though I spent most my time wondering around not really knowing what to do. Still glad to hear they're making this game similar.

Rynx2434d ago

Day 1 for me. I put in so many hours into the original Digimon game.

zerocrossing2434d ago

That game was brilliant when it came out, Training your digimon, Lots of ares to explore and other digimon to battle plus trying to get your digimon to evolve into Skull Greymon lol I never did manage that.