Kinect Sports: Season 2 has most complex Kinect voice recognition ever

OXM writes: Rare has revealed that Kinect Sports: Season Two recognises up to 300 different voice commands, making it the most complex specimen of voice control on Kinect.

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Wintersun6162554d ago

And who will be able to remember all those 300 different voice commands? Oh I know, when you say "Kinect, help" it will pause the game and give you a list of commands. Sounds fun, right?

CaptainMarvelQ82554d ago

what's so special about voice commands? Last time i remember using a regular mic for a voice commanded strategy game

ElementX2554d ago

How many years ago? Kinect is bringing voice commands back. After Tom Clancy games on XBox years ago, I haven't read anything about voice commands for games. It fell off the radar.

Check out this article about how Kinect is helping disabled children play video games with their family/friends!

Combining arm movements with voice commands will give people with disabilities more options for entertainment. Not everyone can hold a controller.

CaptainMarvelQ82553d ago

Tom Clancy End War is what im talking about

mcstorm2554d ago

I'm looking forward to playing kinect sports 2 the 1st one is a very good game and a fun game to play.

DJMarty2554d ago

So M$ trys to Justify buying the shitty Kinect, spending over £130 for a feature(Voice) that can be done on a £15 mic.

M$ has lost the plot.