Nintendo: Wii U "will definitely bring back the core gamer"

It's no secret that traditional "hardcore" gamers don't hold the Wii, and subsequently Nintendo, in high regard these days. This wasn't always the case as the company, its hardware, and its games were considered the cream of the crop from the mid 1980's through to the turn of the century. Beginning with the GameCube, which did have some good titles of its own, Nintendo's popularity and credibility as a viable gaming platform for "core" gamers was beginning to fade. What little hold Nintendo had left on dedicated gamers gave way shortly after the Wii's release, with the audience instead gravitating to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Nintendo believes that the Wii U, which is expected for release in 2012, will reverse all that.

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TheSoundDefense2469d ago

They say that all the time, though. Makes me wonder if they even know what core gamers want anymore.

EYEamNUMBER12469d ago

for what other system have they said that? because im 10000% sure as heck they never said that for the wii

if you wanna bring back the so called core just make something really shiny from what ive been seeing lately that's all it seems to take

ChickeyCantor2469d ago

"Makes me wonder if they even know what core gamers want anymore."

Do "core" gamers themselves know what they want?

PirateThom2469d ago

Well, it's definitely not year old games that have already been released on other systems as launch games for a new system and it's certainly not a touch screen without multitouch.

Nintendo keep saying "Wii U will bring back the core gamer", but so far all I've seen is ports of games that will be old by the time the system launches.

manman62469d ago

Only time will tell if they can win back core gamers.

Solidus187-SCMilk2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

If they beleive that then they better make it Alot more powerful than the 360/Ps3 or it wont last when the next PS/xbox arrive. All the "core" multiplats will shift to ps4/720/PC again unless this WiiU is up there in power.

Either way, I would probably get this if they make a 3d mario game that is alot like mario 64.

Tuxmask552469d ago

You mean, a lot like Mario 64 but with modern graphics, right?

Solidus187-SCMilk2469d ago

I dont care about the graphics of it, I just want the same gameplay of mario 64, pure 3d platforming

rexbolt2469d ago

galazy is better then far

ChickeyCantor2469d ago

Galaxy does it way better. As a Nintendo fan, I'm not afraid to say that I did not like SM64 that much.

frankymv2469d ago

All I know is that if it has great 3rd party games at launch offering compelling playability along with better graphics than gamers will buy.

matey2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

The WiiU going off AMD/IBM is like 5/10 times more powerful graphically and 50%/75% more raw power in clock speeds ect basically its at the level where no matter what ps4/720 are graphically they can only match WiiU as its using OpenGl thats equal to DX11+ check Nintengen 4 facts oh and its way more Hardcore than ps3/360 in terms of Graphics and gameplay possibilities IBM using all new EDRAM 4 extreme gameplay its like 5 generations in front and it does all this at 1080p.

To Solidus they have made it tons more Powerful get a life people like u create false internet gossip u people are dumb the facts are old dev-kits were 50% faster cpu 4 cores 3.6ghz/gpu 900 mhz thats exact 50% more and its evolving all the time as the gpu's/cpu's get made,AMD have said that there very best most modern graphics are making the cut to WiiU that means graphics that todays most powerful PC's display not a HD4850 thats not even close its a Custom HD Radeon thats got graphics capabilities far beyond that or the GPU would be a final finished product.

jacksheen00002469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Dumb???? People is it just me or we have a bunch of Arabs posting on here. I just can't get past the broken English. Oh well... at least he was better than the last guy i ran in to hours ago.

jacksonmichael2469d ago

That's Mexican-style broken English. If you have to be racist, be racist correctly.:)

jacen1002469d ago

what matey said is correct people are complaining about something better than current gen but yet they are happy with current gen , i think from what we have been reading the wiiU will be plenty powerfull well beyond current gen and the step you are going to see from ms and sony will be no different, only thing i can see them doing is making there version of the tablet control

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