Kinect's controller-free gaming is helping children with disabilities play video games .

As Sarah watched her brother, she wanted to join in, too. So Rosen pushed her wheelchair in front of the TV. "All of a sudden Kinect picked her up, and it doesn't recognize that she's in a wheelchair but shows her as a shorter person," he said. "Instantly she's beyond excited, her hands and arms are flailing, and she's doing stuff in the game."

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Bigpappy2408d ago

The latest update to 360 has been a huge update to Kinect. It is ultra smooth now and it does not get distracted by objects to close to your limbs. I can see right away what Rare was talking about when the refered to software improving the depth sensing to eliminate errors. Sitting and using Kinect is noticeably improved also. Like I have said from the start: this is new tech that will take year to perfect, but at the rate M$ is going, we will see some huge brake throughs very soon.Might even see some this year.

I am truly happy for these kids. It is great not having to rely on other to have to provide your entertainment. This must create a great since of freedom from those limitations they have to live with every day.

fr0sty2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I actually have a disabled friend who cannot stand these new motion control devices because he cannot use any of them, so the story in this article goes both ways. It enables and prohibits at the same time, depending on who you're dealing with. That was one of his biggest fears, that this style of gameplay would catch on and leave him in the dust. Thankfully, it only makes up a portion of the overall market thus far.

Bigpappy2408d ago

It is only fear mongers who try to tell other that this form of gaming is going to do away with traditional means. This is an optional way of gaming. It opens up gaming to people who do not like or can not use a controller. It also gives developers a tool to spond new ideas or to and new features to the gameplay while using the controller.

These are kids that cound not play before, alteast your friend could play by other means. Lets just be happy for these few who had no other option that worked for them. No one said it could work in every case. some people do not even have limbs.

gamingdroid2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

***I actually have a disabled friend who cannot stand these new motion control devices because he cannot use any of them, so the story in this article goes both ways.***

So your "friend" is no worse than before Kinect... what's your point?

fr0sty2408d ago

My point is that if Kinect and Move type games become the norm, he's shit out of luck. That was his biggest fear when he saw these new techs coming with the Wii. "Great, it's selling like hot cakes and now everyone else is going to jump on board and it's all gonna go waggle control.".

Gladly Sony is still giving him plenty of great AAA exclusive games that he can play with that controller, and his fears that they will abandon him in favor of move have subsided.

gamingdroid2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

lol... FUD!

Games with controllers are a plenty, still the largest chunk of the software market and plenty of them are being announced and released. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me controller based games get the most funding right now. This is in addition, not a replacement so focus doesn't mean abandonment of something else.

Glad he is happy with Sony's first party (who wouldn't?), but there are also plenty of third party games. Sony's first isn't end all be all.

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ElementX2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Bigpappy, I had to give you a bubble up for your considerate words. I don't know what you did to get down to 2 bubbles, but keep talking the way you did and you'll make it up to 6! :)

MintBerryCrunch2408d ago

I can understand now the influx of "kid" games as most put it, i don't think that MS saw this as an outcome when they first started R&D on the kinect, but it sure as hell is a great thing when you see a kid with a disability forget about their hindrance and feel normal and a part of the group

Da One2408d ago

Everybody deserves to game, more power to MS to providing disable kids a way to.

ElementX2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Stories like this bring a tear to my eye. So many people are hating on Kinect and saying there's a lot of lag, but for these children, it doesn't matter. They have the opportunity to play video games and they love it. They don't care about a half second of lag. With the new firmware patch, it decreases lag and improves sensitivity. While I don't have Kinect, I can appreciate what it does for fellow gamers who can't work with a controller.

Tyre2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Misleading article, mobilty & whole body interfaces will prevent most handicapped people from playing videogames, ask most people who have some sort handicap preventing them from walking for example people in wheel chairs. The good thing of videogames was that it made them equal to non handicapped people via the controller input were just the fingers were needed to control everything, it is more advanced and safer to be able to control all aspects with just ur fingers than it is with body input, same goes for controlling big machines/cars/space shuttles/drones/cranes etc...the input and feedback loop is more direct and safer because excessive energy consumption is not invested/wasted in moving ur whole body to control every little aspect(along with the thinking process) but just ur fingers...Nature evolved human hands & fingers into the most sophisticated tools on the planet and ignoring that is foolish and will be the way of the dodo, eventually we will come back to the hands. Kinect will not be the future. (maybe a useful aid to those with handicapped hands).

ElementX2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Wow dude.... Comparing video games with body motions to controlling cranes and space shuttles? You really need to rethink your priorities. This device allows people who may not have subtle finger movements to still be able to use their arms to control a game. Not every disabled person has the proper use of fingers to manipulate thumb sticks and buttons! Lighten the f#&k up, hater!

I had a friend who was constricted to a wheel chair because of muscular dystrophy. He couldn't type with a keyboard, because he couldn't control his fingers well enough. He had to use a mouse and on-screen keyboard in Windows to chat with me online. Kinect would be perfect for him! Get off your high horse!

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