The Future of Game Design and Tech

Player Affinity writes: "Rumors abound about what the new consoles will be and with this generation feeling like it's coming to an end perhaps as early as next year, it's a great time to start thinking about what gaming will be like in the coming years. Let’s face it, the Xbox 360 is pretty old now. We’re talking about hardware that was built and manufactured in 2005 and already there are PC games making the console look positively dated. Some PS3 titles still manage to stand out but even they are running the end of their course. Because of the extended cycle we’ve experienced this generation, and will likely still be experiencing even in 2013, the gap between that 2005 hardware and the hardware of today is widening. By the time we see a PlayStation 4, the cutting-edge games for it will be doing things akin to the jump from the early PlayStation 1 days to the late PlayStation 2, perhaps even bigger."

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