GamerGaia Review: NCAA Football 12

Put down the tailgate and crack open the Saturday morning box of wine, it’s time for some good old-fashioned American college football. Another football season slowly emerges, and those NFL fat cats are still debating whether or not they want to play ball this year. One thing is for sure in this uncertain year on the football field, college football is here to comfort us loyal football fans through what may be a very lonely season. Either that, or we will have to watch the Canadian Football League, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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honestpizza2558d ago

I prefer NFL over college for football watching, but I prefer NCAA over Madden any day. Figure that out!

pungello882558d ago

Gotta love running that option!

rmoar2558d ago

You can run whatever you want in Madden, just play as Mike Vick.

pungello882558d ago

I usually wait a few years to buy a new version of a sports game and its been a few years since I've gotten an NCAA Football game, I may check this one out