New Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi screenshots/trailer

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi.

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alexg892553d ago

wow i am really looking forward to this DBZ game

i think this is the one to get it right

Misterhbk2553d ago

if the rumor about creating your own character is true this is the one to get it right.

antiAntag0nist2553d ago

IMO, Budokai 3 was the one to get it right.

BitbyDeath2553d ago

IMO Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is the best DBZ game for story and Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is the best DBZ game for gameplay.

Can't wait for Ultimate Tenkaichi

johnnyisawesome2553d ago

There's a show, if you want story.

Quagmire2552d ago

How is Tenkaichi 2 better for story? I dont mean that as an insult, its just that I want to rebuy a DBZ game for PS2, and I initially thought Tenkaichi 3 was the one to get.

BitbyDeath2552d ago

Tenkaichi 2 story goes for a lot longer.
eg. Tenkaichi 3 Saiyan Saga goes for just 3 fights while in T2 it goes for about 17 fights.
And so on. The T2 plays through almost every fight on the show while T3 is extremely cutdown.
The fighting/gameplay is better in T3 though

Quagmire2552d ago

I also heard that T3 had something like every character ever in DBZ, or something crazy like that?

I might play 2 first and then 3.

zerocrossing2553d ago

I must admit I was sceptical when I heard about another Tenkaichi game, But wow! It does look really good.