Don't be fooled: this is not the E3 2011 trailer. There's a large amount of old footage here, but there are also a number of new scenes mixed in. The opening is definitely new, as are a few seconds after Link nods his head in the middle of the video. Also, there's some new footage towards the end of the trailer as well, showing what I assume is a Goron!
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Xof2584d ago

I don't get the point of trailers for these types of games.

What do we really glean from them?

It's a Zelda game. We already know EXACTLY what the gameplay will be like, aside from M+ implementation (which a video can't tell us, anyhow).

We already know what the story will be (because it's always the same on). Zelda narratives are so sparse, I would think most fans would prefer to be left in the dark.

So I guess... pure hype?

tunaks12584d ago

I actually face palmed when reading your comment.

CrescentFang2584d ago

There was only a few new things to be seen... I guess it is just hype, but it is Zelda... I think with just an announcement they can already have the necessary sales for the game itself.

T-What2583d ago

Zelda is one of the few game series I dont think needs trailers because every Zelda game I have ever played has been awesome, but its always nice to see the new graphics style and story elements. Don't own a Wii but I have played and enjoyed every Zelda game ever made and will not be missing out on this one.