Cliffy B. Shows Choices Are Good By Playing inFAMOUS 2

GxC: "Going back to a recent article on the console wars and exclusive games - on GxC, a quick little tweet from Microsoft and Epic Games’ poster boy, Cliff Bleszinski, further shows that the console war argument is pointless. Even those considered strong supporters of one console take time to try out the other. Contrary to popular fanboy belief, he doesn’t only play Gears of War."

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LOGICWINS2472d ago

Infamous 2 is a must play IMO.

ThatMiamiGuy2472d ago

Indeed. It's a pretty awesome game.

Solidus187-SCMilk2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Sony was smart to give people infamous 1 for free. I ended up loving it and getting #2 because of it. Great game, gotta finish my second game as evil cole this time.

Cliffy B is right. If you like 360, you will like PS3. If you like PS3, you will like 360. I got them both and they are so similar taht they have the same amount of buttons and most the games are the same. People who only like games on a certain brand of console are either lying to themselvs or not tru gamers. I hate motion controls mostly and dont have a wii, but Id be lying if I said there were not games on it that I would love to play.

edit- what Im saying is that the games and controllers on 360/PS3 are mostly the same. You can't possibly truly hate one and love the other if you base you decision off the content and not the brand name. In other words, they both trying to appeal to the same demographic, as opposed to something like the wii.

LOGICWINS2472d ago

"If you like 360, you will like PS3. If you like PS3, you will like 360."

Eh...I think what your trying to say is that any gamer thats open to as many gaming experiences as possible will find SOMETHING to like about both the 360 and PS3.

Cereal2472d ago

The first Infamous is the only good one.

Jonah_Reese2472d ago

He Didn't play inFamous 2, so he's bitter. Just a guess. Probably wrong.

nikrel2472d ago

I have to agree sort of, the twist in the end made me wow. I just did not have the wow factor from twists in this one, it was fairly predictable. Infamous 2 is an amazing game but I enjoyed The first story more. The combat and abilities were awesome in the second one.

cyclonus0072472d ago

It's funny that I enjoyed the game even though I knew the twist of the second game when I was playing the first one 2 years ago.