Uncharted 3 - A Breath of Fresh Multiplayer

MMGN writes: The Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta is a surprisingly deep preview of the one of the year’s most anticipated titles. Developer Naughty Dog has held nothing back with this explosive preview, offering nine different game modes and a competitive flair that is normally exclusive to the full-blown product release.

Uncharted 3 seems to expand on the adventurous flair that made Uncharted 2’s multiplayer component so enjoyable. There is still the focus on mobility and an ability to converge throughout the many map’s troubling landscapes, and with a shift in focus to dynamic environments initiating the competitive edge, Naughty Dog seems to have made a multiplayer experience packed with explosive action.

Playing through the beta showcases an implementation of gameplay incentives that have become a staple in multiplayer offerings, thanks to the Call of Duty’s and Battlefield’s of the world. The “Medal Kickbacks” reward players for completing things like headshots and stealth kills, giving players access to perks like infinite ammo or the elusive and devastating RPG.

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