The videogame history of Captain America

Like Batman, Captain America has no superhuman powers. He can’t fly, he can’t stick to walls, he can’t run at the speed of sound. But it’s these limitations that make him so fun to root for; he’s constantly up against world-ending villains yet (like the Dark Knight) he can use superior fighting ability and brilliant tactics to stop evil dead in its tracks. However, with no nifty powers – other than unlimited stamina and an indestructible shield – he doesn’t make a particularly interesting videogame character, and therefore hasn’t starred in as many games as Spidey or Bats.

That said, Cap’s game history still spans decades, even if the actual number of games pales to other heroes. In light of the new film (and accompanying videogame) finally releasing and directly leading into next year’s The Avengers movie, let’s see how far this Super Soldier has come.

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