The House of the Dead: Overkill - Official Trailer (PlayStation 3)

Check out the trailer for The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut.

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Liamabob2436d ago

So... lifting the trailer, including flash player, straight from Gamespot and posting it on your own site, with no included write-up or anything journalistic, for hits... Poor show.

oldfriend862436d ago

At first, I thought I was watching a first person view of Left 4 Dead 2. *shudders at the zombie clown*

Agent_hitman2436d ago

Now bring on the Wii games and port it to PS3 on HD... that will be great .. yes?

ElmosGotAGun2436d ago

Yeah I have a feeling its going to start a new trend with developers.

Perjoss2436d ago

played this on Wii, its actually pretty good if you dont mind on rails shooters.

NukaCola2436d ago

This is a stellar rail shooter. I am getting this on PS3. It's longer and uses Move and has trophies. Plus it looks tons better in HD, so realistic. The Wii version was a little creepy and definitey fun. The best music I have heard in a while.

eferreira2436d ago

this is why I bought a move, for rail shooters