Tons of details from the leaked Battlefield 3 footage

Some of the details viewers may have missed from the leaked footage. Information includes general unlocks, vehicle unlocks, stats, and more.

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xVeZx2372d ago

anybody got some footage they want to share?

evrfighter2372d ago

now we just need to see how the air combat is gonna work and how many different jets there are

Sinterfire2372d ago

@ evrfighter I hope they have Some of these planes F22, F35b, F/A18 Super hornet, F16, F15, Su-47, Su-35. Imagine the F22 and Su-47 in a dog fight.... Awesome.

a_squirrel2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

xVeZx and Dart
+Bubs for Helpful

If you want a lot of videos, here:

He's got like... every one O.o

Sinterfire2372d ago

Nice glocks confirmed now if the just and Sigs.

Sinterfire2372d ago

Wow that was a awful comment. I meant to say Now if they just add Sig Sauers.

chriski3332372d ago

just kick ass can this game be out already

catguykyou2372d ago

I just want to know what it will take to run this game at max settings. I'm ready to upgrade my card for this.

SwampCroc2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

nice if you can really block the knifes. that would be kick ass...

now I honestly want to know what the statistics are like...

I think it should show how many people have knifed you aswell..

not just how many tags you've got.. but how many tags you've given up..

and if you can block them... how many successful counters/kills..

I don't really need or want to know a super lot about the details.. I think I know what to expect and I love BFBC2 so I'm going to dig this one... I just really want some insane stat keeping..

I dunno stats I love the number crunching.

and you should have a vehicle Kill/Death Ratio aswell.. not just a kill counter.

superrey192372d ago

Yea the knife blocks sound cool as hell

SwampCroc2372d ago

also there isn't an Assist counter in BFBC2...

I would really love to know my total number of actual assists...

even Spot Assist there is no counter for those... it would be cool to see how many people I spotted.

I dunno it's the little shit like that... that really makes the game for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.