IGN: Brutal Legend - Tim Schafer Interview and New Screens

Brutal Legend is going to be a game like no other. Not only is it coming from the brilliant mind of Tim Schafer (yes, he of Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Pyschonauts and many more) and Double Fine, but it's designed as the ultimate homage to heavy metal. Taking on the role of Eddie Riggs the roadie (voiced by Jack Black) you're thrust into a proto-metal fantasy world where you must build an army with which to lead humanity to victory over its barbaric overlords. IGN caught up with Tim for a long chat to find out all about it…

IGN: So, Pyschonauts took us into the psyches of its cast, which was hugely inventive. How are you going to top that for Brutal Legend? How can anything be cooler than stomping the puppy dog orphanage in Lungfishopolis?

Tim Schafer: (Laughs). Well, I don't know if you've seen a lot of heavy metal album covers but they range from grotesque to more grotesque. Y'know, chrome volcanos, rivers of blood, hopefully you'll be able to ride the lightning in this game. You'll be jumping inside, basically, my psyche, my heavy metal dream world.

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MK_Red4054d ago

Game looks super uber duper crazy sick awesome. Seriously, it rocks more than any modern game. Both graphics and art look really good. Superb find, interview and pix. Tim FTW! (Please make Psychonauts 2)

Skerj4054d ago

Man I'm hoping this doesn't get overlooked like Psychonauts, sleeper hit of the year!! And that's saying something with all of the awesome stuff coming out next year.


There is nothing like this on the market, one of THE most original Ideas I have seen in a long time. I cannot wait for this one to drop, I know that I will be picking this game up, and I Haven't seen any gameplay yet!

Sometimes you can tell when a game is going to have that appeal.
Great idea Tim, keep it up !!!