Lord of the Rings games will ease wait for 'The Hobbit'

Even though director Peter Jackson is busy working to bring more Lord of the Rings material to the silver screen, "The Hobbit" films are still a year or more away. But LOTR fans can take some comfort in knowing that game companies will be giving them some new Middle-earth material to tide them over much sooner.

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The Matrix2553d ago

No, they won't. Nothing will ease the wait.

Sarobi2552d ago

NO, no.. they.. will.. not

Bolts2552d ago

WTF is taking so long??? You would think that a movie like this would be insta money with Hollywood tripling over itself to get it done. But it's taking years and years.

Yet somehow there's a new Harriet Porter movie every fucking year like clock work and the kids just lap it up.

Sitris2552d ago

They only started making it this year.........unlike some directors, Peter Jackson takes pride in his work and will take as long as he needs to make the films. Plus he was extremely tired after filming the other LOTR movies, as was his whole team, so they wanted to take a break.
Relax, within 2 years we will once again experience a brilliant franchise in theaters.