Battlefield 3: 50+ leaked alpha screenshots

A batch of 50+ new alpha screenshots of Battlefield 3 have been leaked.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2373d ago

These still look good for Alpha stage but from what i seen the full version will still look better.

Dart892372d ago

Love the the way you have to pull out a knife instead of just hitting that r3 button for panick knifing can't wait.

peowpeow2372d ago

When the rocket flies past, the sound ZOMG JIZZ!

The sound impresses me more than anything :)

blumatt2372d ago

Agreed, man. Panic knifing and the Commando perk are two things that piss me off in MW2. It's good to see that Battlefield 3 isn't going to offer that form of gameplay. Realism works for the best in this case.

Thoreau2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

gunplay and melee looks very kz3 like, a good thing;)......

Heartnet2372d ago


cant see how you dislike conveinience.. fact is if ur close enough to be knifed and you dont knife first..

your loss

deadpoole2372d ago

I dont know ... Im not braggin or $hit ... but from what I figure ... majority of ppl playin BF3 Alpha got no effin clue how to play or are worst FPS players ever ... I mean to say ffs they can't shoot $hit if u look in these videos ... :p

BlackKnight2372d ago


What do you even mean? You can't quick knife in BF3, you can't go prone in KZ3, every game has Aim-down-sights...

What gun play is similar that isn't similar from any other shooter? And as for Melee animations, ever play the excellent Riddick games or the AvP game that came out in Feb 2010?

I really am curious. Even if you don't own all systems, there are still videos people watch and demos. It feels like too many gamers on here claim stuff but know little of the amount of games that are out already...

BrianG2372d ago


He might have been talking about the brutal melee system in KZ3, the first knife kill is very familiar looking to what happens in KZ3.

That doesn't mean it hasn't happened before in previous games, but maybe he is just referring to KZ3 because it is the most recent game he has seen it in. Or maybe the only game he has played with that type of melee.

Relax friend, I'm sure he didn't mean anything against BF3 by that.

Also those vids are looking pretty good, can't wait to see more.

BlackKnight2372d ago


Relax? I didn't even use an exclamation point...

And it really wasn't the melee part I was curious about, it was the gunplay part. I just thought it was silly. I OWN KZ2/3, lol.

BrianG2372d ago

@ BlackKnight

I said relax because after reading your comment it sort of seemed like you had a problem with him using KZ3 for comparison and not AvP or Riddick.

Honestly wasn't sure if you had a grudge or anything against certain games or consoles. Never really know when you're on this site you know?

But that is good to hear, both great games.

I agree on the gunplay part, pretty much every military shooter/sci-fi shooter/space marine shooter/etc.... has the same overall type of gunplay. Gun, Bullets, Enemies, Shoot. But both KZ and BF seem to add some weight and a fair amount of recoil. I suppose that is a similarity, but many others have done that before.

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thorstein2372d ago

Exactly. What I think a ton of people are missing is that Alpha is BEFORE Beta, not after. Sounds silly, I know, but with all the Alpha leaks going on, it is hard for people to understand.

HellzAssassin2372d ago

It doesn't sound silly... Alpha coming before Beta is common knowledge. But I do fail to realize why you decided to bring that up to begin with? I didn't see anyone commenting on Beta/Alpha stages. Either way, the game looks fantastic and I can't wait :)

Gray-Fox-Type02372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

even with low settings game looks great. Ill be playing this on my PS3. Multiplayer looks great!

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Crazyglues2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Wow, the game is looking pretty awesome, can't wait... this is going to be a blast...

Looks good for Alpha, I'm sure Dice will give it the polish before release.. Like they did with the BF2 beta -(not to be confused with the BF2 Demo)

If you recall the beta back then was a little rough too and they really smoothed it out in the Demo and the Final game -compared to the Beta)

so same thing here, I'm sure the final game with have that little extra polish to it, to make it looks really Good.

-But so far, the game is looking amazing, can't wait to check out the Beta in Sept..


dark-hollow2372d ago

i hope they release an upgraded version when the next xbox/ps4 drops just like what they did with BF2.
it sucks to look at all those pc footages only to play a watered-down version of it, and i cant afford a high end pc.

BlackKnight2372d ago

If these new systems come out, they will probably release at 300-500 bucks. You can get a PC that will nuke current consoles for 600....TODAY. I HIGHLY encourage you to talk to any friends you have that know how to build PCs and maybe you could go that route instead.

FYI, I own all systems besides the Wii, I am just being informative so fanboys can keep their panties on.

Tachyon_Nova2372d ago

The lighting really needs a revamp, it's either way too bright in the sun, for example or way too dark in the shade, for example

Yes it is Alpha footage, but the stuff they showed at E3 was allegedly pre-alpha, so what gives?

annus2372d ago

All those screenshots are compressed/taken wrong. Everything is a mess, and a giant blur.

BlackKnight2372d ago

It is a bad cap somewhat, HOWEVER, HDR is a very real thing that both our eyes and cameras have to deal with. When you are outside on a bright day and walk inside your place, its all dark right? That is because cameras and our eyes only have a certain range of light we can see and must adjust that range up and down. HDR=high dynamic range. High means the game can have very bright things while also having very dark areas, dynamic means the game can adjust the "camera's" exposure to adjust itself through the "range" of light levels.

DICE said they want it to be a gameplay mechanic. If some one is in a window and it is dark inside, it will be hard to see them if you are outside with your eyes adjusted to the bright light, and vice versa with some one inside not being able to see people out side as easily because it is so bright.

Also flashlights can be used to blind people if the area they are battling is dark too.

Sinterfire2372d ago

I love the sound design to the battlefield series. This game is looking great. I hope the consoles look as great as well for the MP.

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