Capcom Leads The New Revolution In Fighting Games: Ripping Gamers Off "In 2009, Capcom announced that they would be releasing Street Fighter IV, tossing the age old fighting title into the modern era of gaming. New moves, new graphics and new fighters would all come together to finally toss 3rd Strike out of EVO and fans couldn't have been happier.

"Then in 2010, they followed up with Super Street Fighter IV, an overall improvement upon the original which gained quite a bit of praise for its multiplayer integration and general bonuses to online play. The one thing you couldn't do, however, was play with anyone who owned SSFIV; buying this new version of the game was absolutely mandatory in order to keep up with any of the online updates, let alone any of the character rebalances.

"2011 would see the arrival of some new DLC for SSFIV and the release of another version of the game, Arcade Edition, which would come with some very similar sort of restrictions."

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ShawnCollier2408d ago

$10 says we get Super Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hyper Edition months after Ultimate. >.>

dark-hollow2408d ago

when you release A SEQUEL that got LESS content than the game before it then you are f&#king around!

i mean how can MVC3 get LESS characters than MVC2??

RockmanII72408d ago

Well Ultimate has less characters than MvC3 too. It's because making 3D character models is more demanding than sprites so each character takes more time.

midgard2272408d ago

so people are complaining because they dont just wait 4 years and then add the 12 new characters?if it upsets you just wait till its 20 bucks like i am. i mean they could add more modes and a real story but thats not gonna happen

gamingdroid2408d ago

The main issue I have with this scheme are two fold:

a) it splinters the community. These games are very much community driven.

b) the game was like just released. what the fudge!

Major_kenny2408d ago

should learn and buy the new Mortal Kombat :D

Peaceful_Jelly2408d ago

that game is for n00bs or people that loves violence.

TXIDarkAvenger2408d ago

Violence is the use of physical force to cause injury, damage or death.

Do you even play fighting games?

Ser2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Very, very wrong.

This isn't your Sega Genesis' Mortal Kombat. You'll get owned online if you don't practice. For some strange reason I don't think you've even played MK9.

CommonCent2408d ago

I personally like the varied gameplay In Mortal Kombat. I say varied because some of the high scorers in MvC3 just spam 1 button.

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AntoineDcoolette2408d ago

I got MK but I'm not buying any of the DLC instead I'm waiting for the Mortal Kombat GOTY edition due for release in 2012 and when its on sale for $20 >_>

Ddouble2408d ago

So your waiting for all the dlc characters in one package just like Ultimate MvC3?

Sanrin2408d ago

Hey, MK rocks the house. Zero disappointment with that purchase.

Shmotz2408d ago

Hasnt Capcom stated that this will have a budget price? Of course budget in their eyes is like 40$.

Peaceful_Jelly2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

they should give an incentive for those that bought the first game because I bet that many of those customers wouldn't have bought MvC3 day 1 if they knew that a better version would be coming out a couple of months later.

xVeZx2408d ago

maybe those costumes will be able to transfer over to ultimate? did they do that with sf4 and ssf4?

Shmotz2408d ago

Well I know with SSF4 you could buy the Arcade edition add on for like 15$. But yeah I seriously doubt they will compensate anyone.

maniacmayhem2408d ago

They f*ck*d us on sf4 also.

SF4 = 60
SSF4 = 40
SSF4 AE = 15

115$ on a game that has been out for a little over a year....if that!

RockmanII72408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )


SF4 came out in 2009, Super in 2010 and Arcade in 2011. The games have been out for more than "little over a year". Look I'm upset with Capcom too but you guys need to know what your saying because some of the things your saying like they are facts are just plain wrong.

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thrashermario2408d ago

i was surpriced their was no super lost planet 2 with extra monsters and guns

Peaceful_Jelly2408d ago

I think it was because the game was a massive flop.

xVeZx2408d ago

i was really excited for that game when i saw the first gameplay trailer...4 player co op it looked sick i hope they come out with a 3rd one..

BlueEye2408d ago

Eh don't care, want moar characters, changes and online improvements!

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