Gamer Euphoria: Limbo Review (Xbox 360, PS3)

Gamer Euphoria Staff Member Blamy Writes: ''Limbo – possibly one of the weirdest most f****d up games I’ve ever played.

Limbo, as a game, is pretty much impossible to describe with words, yet I’ll have to do my best. – You play as what appears to be a young boy, – or rather, a silhouette of what appears to young boy, as you never actually get to see his face, just his eyes which glow in the dark. This is one thing I was torn against in the game, whereas on one hand you have this mysterious boy, of which we know absolutely nothing about, which adds a sense of interest and desire to the story – but on the other hand we have a bland character whom is uninteresting as we know nothing of him, and who we cant relate to in any way shape or form.''

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