Guitar Hero Reboot Underway

iGG says: In that same interview with Forbes, Bobby Kotick made a surprising announcement that is sure to please Guitar Hero fans.

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Yi-Long2468d ago

... I sure that surprised absolutely no-one at all(!)

Yi-Long2468d ago

... that -'m- after the I that's 'missing' in my first post...

That's not actually missing. That's DLC that will be added later for some extra money ofcourse!

jeseth2468d ago

All BS and Activision hating aside . . . Guitar Hero is a lot of fun.

They need to get back to GH2 and Legends of Rock . . . Better Create a Character and amazing playlist.

I am actually excited to see what happens!

fear882468d ago

Isn't it just a little too early to reboot a series that has only been canned for ONE YEAR?

Caleb_1412468d ago

Well that didn't last long...

Greywulf2468d ago

Its a smart move considering what BF3 is going to do to COD..

Can't rely on it & only it.

Raven_Nomad2468d ago

Hows selling 20 million copies less then COD going to do anything?

On topic, glad they are rebooting it. There is a lot of potential there. Just need to offer a lot of variety when it comes to songs.

jeseth2468d ago

What's BF3 going to do to MW3 except for proove that N4G DOES NOT represent the majority of the gaming populous.

MW3 is going to rape, $h&T, and P!$$ all over BF3 in sales.

Jobesy2468d ago

Lol graywulf got owned. COD has nothing to worry about from BF. Never have never will. I'm glad to know Graywulf won't be polluting my MW3 experience. Keep the kids on BF where they belong.

nopunctuation2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Im actually pretty happy about this. I know N4G has a hatred for the series but it was the original and Rock Band was the knock off of its own game. Warriors of Rock was good at its core and deserved more DLC support. Guitar hero needs to be a part of gaming, we jusut need to see a little less of it this time. Band based games are welcome, just dont pick a band that constantly bickers so much they they cant even be a part of the game coughVanHalencough. Also dont pick any bands where you are strumming once a minute like in the beatles rock band (terrible game. good band). Instead, make a guitar hero megadeth. Dave mustaines solos would be fun to play.

skrug2468d ago

guitar hero was not the 'original' ;)

it was konami's BEMANI series games

guitar freak

ainsz2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

While I agree GH can be alot of fun. Harmonix created Guitar Hero 1 & 2 (2 is in my opinion the best). Then Activision let Harmonix go and they joined EA and they continued their series under the Rock Band name.

Guitar Hero was then continued by Red Octane and Neversoft. So in a way, Rock Band is the original.

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NovusTerminus2468d ago

Soooo... We have to reboot Guitar Hero now?

Wow, what the f*ck is going on with the industry anymore?


SageHonor2468d ago

Wow, the gaming industry is alot more similar to the movie industry than I previously thought..

jacksonmichael2468d ago

No... reboot games that actually deserve it. Dino Crisis...?

Ser2468d ago

YES! I would absolutely love a new Dino Crisis! Although...I think I'd hold out for the "Ultimate" edition since it's a Capcom franchise.

NarooN2468d ago

Yeah reboot it. Just bring Regina back and don't try to sex her up too much and make her do backflips off of 20-story buildings or some stupid shit.

NovusTerminus2468d ago

No game made within the last 5 years or is already popular needs one, for underground or forgotten titles like DC, then by all means. But rebooting Guitar Hero is like rebooting CoD. It is needless.

RankFTW2468d ago

Peter Jackson will be producing it.

dark-hollow2468d ago

rock band killed it long time ago and i hope BF3 does the same with COD.....

LoneWanderer092468d ago

Wow i still remember reading the article when Guitar Hero got terminated XD

RankFTW2468d ago

Yeah like 6 months ago max.

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