Dylan Jobe comments on trophies, dual-login, spilt-screen and more for Starhawk

Dylan Jobe of LightBox Interactive answers a bunch of fan questions about Starhawk, revealing a few interesting tidbits about trophies, dual-login, spilt-screen, several ground vehicles and much more.

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BitbyDeath2412d ago

Dual-login will be of huge benefit to me as i often play splitscreen with my partner on Warhawk and therefore barely get the chance to try rank up.

DarkTower8052411d ago

Dual login really should be standard nowadays.

Dart892412d ago

Wow this game keeps getting better and now with a public beta i can get some of my friends to try it out.

MrBeatdown2411d ago

It's nice to hear they are paying much closer attention to leveling and trophies and things like that. Warhawk's trophies were practically impossible. Unlike most people, I don't mind online trophies, but when a game's platinum trophy is basically unattainable for any more than a select few, it kills a bit of my motivation to progress.

spunnups2411d ago

I agree, I played the hell out of Warhawk and considered myself to be an above average player, and still , never came close to achieving some of the tougher Trophies.

Dark_king2411d ago

The only one I find that is tough is getting 1st in a DM with no deaths.I guess I could have some buddies help but just not how I want to get it.The rest just requires a insane amount of time.If you have a life it will take you near 5 years to plat.

banjadude2411d ago

Can't wait to see this new "tank", he speaks of.

kasasensei2411d ago

#1) We are still evaluating the dual PlayStation Network login for split-screen so I can’t give you a definitive YES right now, but there is a good likelihood."

Hooooooooooooooo come on!!!! The feature is here since 2008 and less than 10 games use it... that's pathetic do some effort, godamn...