Sideway for PSN - Debut Trailer

IGN writes: Sideway is a 2D platfromer in a 3D world. It will blow your mind.

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christheredhead2280d ago

game looks freakin awesome. it looks sort of confusing but in a good way. im interested now.

disturbing_flame2280d ago

Looks like an alternative to Paper Mario on Ps3.

This looks really decent game.

blumatt2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It kinda reminds me of Portal 2 a little bit too because of all the changing perspectives you have. (Like going from one portal to another and the camera moving on you.) I'll probably purchase this after I buy Journey.

Tired2280d ago

Agree! Wasn't expecting that at all! WANT!

Surfaced2280d ago

Wow it's been months since we heard about this game. Looks awesome.

dragonyght2280d ago

interesting concept its pretty kool

Kurisu2280d ago

Why have I not heard about this before? Seems very unique, will probably check it out!

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The story is too old to be commented.