How Blatantly Does the New Spider-Man Trailer Rip Off Mirror’s Edge?

Stephen Totilo — The new Spider-Man movie trailer is cool. It's also a bit familiar to those of us who played and enjoyed the 2008 video game Mirror's Edge. How similar? Watch. You might notice some amazing, spectacular coincidences.

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CrimsonEngage2583d ago

People will find anything to bitch about. I'm sure Spider-Man was running along rooftops and jumping over shit before the guy's who created Mirror's Edge were even born.

tdogg060519912583d ago

When did you see him do it in FP until now?

LarVanian2582d ago

In the Spider-Man movie video-game there was a cheat that would let you play as Spider-man in first-person.
That game was released in 2002, six years before Mirrors Edge.

Godmars2902583d ago

Mirror's Edge 2!

And a Spiderman outfit option!

Though, I didn't think Faith was that flat chested...

Buuhan12582d ago

She's close, tho. But that's okay, I think women of all sizes are beautiful. Never understood the mockery and hate Faith got for not having a huge chest.

BeOneWithTheGun2582d ago

More than a handful is a waste.


Adam21012582d ago

mirror edge team up with a spiderman game .. so out of reach but that would be a great game.

rabidpancakeburglar2583d ago

Pretty blatantly. I was looking at the text thinking "Where the hell is the video" for about a minute before I realised that I was scrolled down the page.

iamnsuperman2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Not really. Can't see any similarities. I am assuming the first person view is more to distinguishing its self from the previous films. I assume the author doesn't now free running/parkour is popular and appeared in films even before Mirrors edge was released

slightly off topic: the most blatant use of same footage can be seen in the gif pointed out by someone in the comment section

rabidpancakeburglar2583d ago

I saw that last week, pretty hilarious but you've got to wonder about the sort of people who discover that stuff.

Inzo2582d ago

Personally I think that that is a huge complement for Mirrors edge

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The story is too old to be commented.