What happened to cheatcodes? GenX Podcast #11

Topics for this weeks show:

-Wii U to change the gaming world
-Casual gaming is more valuable than Hardcore gaming?
-Why arent there anymore cheat codes?
-How the hell are we all gonna be able to afford all the games coming out this fall?
-Are special editions of video games worth the money?

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BakedGoods2582d ago

Leaderboards, speed runs and skill got rid of cheat codes.

Back then, you could claim almost any record and unless it was some national tournament you could basically cheat your way to it. Nowadays integrated leaderboards need to be clean, so good bye cheat codes.

rabidpancakeburglar2582d ago

Even in games which include no leaderboards the cheats have been removed, I think that is really removing some of the fun that used to come with older games.

Wenis2582d ago

They could easily program it where if you use cheats you can't get on the leaderboards or something.

TruthSeeker2582d ago

I was wondering that too. Back in the days of xbox and playstation 2 there were cheat codes in almost everygame. I remember using them extensively in the orginal Mercenaries. Those were fun times.

specialguest2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I would love to have some cheat codes for Dead Nation. I've already beat the game on different difficulty levels, but to restart the game with crazy money and unlimited ammo would be awesome. I want to completely overwhelm the zombies and feel almost invincible.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2582d ago

Cheat Codes werent just for cheating though. They did alot of other cool stuff. I still remember What-if mode from Spiderman on ps1. The good ol days.

CommonCent2582d ago

Honestly I believe Achievements/Trophies killed cheat codes.

TruthSeeker2581d ago

I agree, I thinks thats it

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