9.6 Reviews Puzzle Dimension

Wait, another puzzle game? Seriously? It’s not that I hate puzzle games as I actually love them but ANOTHER one is not what the doctor ordered for my entertai… oh, wait, Chiptune music as the foundation (+MIDI extra bells and whistling whistles that whistle) to a great soundtrack for the game, which adds a great atmosphere all around? Old school polished pixels (remember 3D Dot Game Heroes?) that change into very good looking HD textures when approached? Challenging but fun levels that actually make you think in order to solve them? Hey everyone, a new puzzle game got released on PSN and it’s awesome!

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Acezakj2674d ago

Awesome review! I'll have to check this out!

Zardos2674d ago

You should! It's a great game that for $10 will give you 20+ hours of entertainment!