First 15 Minutes of Limbo on the PS3

Eric of writes:

"Limbo released yesterday for the PlayStation 3 and many might wonder what the hype is all about. This noir style 2D puzzle platformer is unlike anything else you will play on the PlayStation Network. If you haven’t had time to play the demo and don’t have a Xbox 360 here are the first few stages of the game THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS, seeing as you solve puzzles throughout the game, however the first 15 minutes or so are pretty simple but if you don’t want anything spoiled I would say just to watch the first 5 minutes. For everyone else, this video is just a bit of what you can expect in the game, there are no cut scenes there aren’t any breaks in the action, its just puzzle after puzzle and it can be hard to put the game down."

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Ducky2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

... only by 15 minutes.

JoGam2557d ago

I loved the demo. Waiting for the price to drop. Only have $10 on my account. Im broke.

spunnups2557d ago

Prepare to die, and die ALOT. Great game tho. HIghly recommended for anyone into platforming puzzlers.