Capcom canceled Mega Man Legends 3 because there wasn't any audience for it

DSOGaming writes: "Wow, now that was unexpected. When a fan asked Capcom Europe why the company doesn’t release the game as it’s pretty much done, Capcom replied that they would consider such a case if there was actually an audience for their game."

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iXenon2557d ago

Are they fucking serious? People have wanted MML3 for over a decade now!

koehler832557d ago

I think the audience definitely exists. It's arguable if the audience actually owns the hardware on which it was being developed.

qface642557d ago

if there was no audience for it then why bother announcing it and hyping it up for months

LOGICWINS2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

To be considered in "audience", it needs to be much more than a couple thousand people on the Internet.

@abash- Exactly.

Abash2557d ago

I think this all has to do with poor 3DS sales scaring them out of doing Mega Man Legends 3. If 3DSs were flying off the shelves, you can bet that they would still be making the game

RockmanII72557d ago

I was planning on buying a 3DS if this game got good reviews.

Ultraplayerxp2556d ago

I can't believe they're cancelling this. I've wanted a new MML since I completed the second one over ten years ago! This would've been the only game, aside from pokemon and zelda, that would've sold me on a 3DS.

disturbing_flame2556d ago

i think this game will have a better audience on PS VITA.

tiffac2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Well if its about 3DS sales then make it multiplat make it available on the Vita to widen your audience. I doubt the cost of making the game for the handhelds will be that expensive.

I bet the cancellation is more of Inafune leaving than anything else. They want to get away from anything he left behind and will probably remake this franchise in the future.

They did it with Mikami's RE and DMC already.

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LOGICWINS2557d ago

"People have wanted MML3 for over a decade now!"

Yes..but how many people? Would you say over a million?
I've been waiting for Shenmue 3 for years...but that doesn't mean I'm clueless to the fact that the audience for it is a small one.

baker_boi2557d ago

Well seeing that the game had a fricken community dev room I think we can at least say that this guy saying,

"If the fans would have been more involved...."

needs to be put into the the idiot column.

Dart892557d ago

Maybe cuz it was only on 3ds had it come to ps3 im sure alot of more people would be over it.

qface642557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

if that was the case they would have made it for the ps2/ds/wii where there is/was an even larger audience

chaos-lockheart2557d ago

I think they are making it for the psvita, we will see at the end

Peaceful_Jelly2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

there are lots of PS2 but people are not gonna buy games for it. On the Wii if is not Mario or Zelda then it's a flop. The DS is not only a dying console but it lacks the power for a proper 3D game.

A release for PSN/XBL would sell much more tha those 3 consoles combined.

qface642557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

what are you talkigg about? they were too cheap to make this on the 3DS or any other console before this
why would they increase costs to make it on the VITA?

as for you jelly im not talking about just right now
they have had 11 years to make legends 3 and countless consoles to make it on some with massive instal bases like the ps2/wii/ds
all of which are and were capable of making a game like legends

rexbolt2556d ago

your wrong if it was on ps3 it would have failed cus ps3 gamers so not play megaman they play cod god and uncharted they all have the same games so ur wrong id say the game should of been made for the 3ds like planed since ds in gen has a huge mega man base with all the mega man games that game out on the ds ppl would have flocked to it since a large portion of mega man fans are on nintendo wut u r sayiing is like saying ps2 gamers went to ps2 which less then 20% jumped on the ps3 wagon

jacksheen00002556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I m sorry man but I couldn't understand one word you said.

Try re posting it again... in plain English.

Lovable2557d ago

Same. Now if only this was a console title then GTFO Capcom!

MorbidPorpoise2557d ago

Crapcom have clueless all generation, this just hits the nail on the head even more.

Peaceful_Jelly2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Capcom is so clueless that they actually think that the DMC reboot is gonna sell more than DMC4 just because is was being made by a western dev. Capcom is ruining all their franchises one by one...

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