Roku 2’s Nintendo Wii-Like Remote and Angry Birds Justify OnLive Opportunity

"The best-selling streaming player on the market today, Roku, recently revitalized its capabilities with the announcement of the Roku 2. Minuscule when compared to the original Roku, the new device adds a collection of new channels such as and AOL, the ability to activate subtitles, and the most appealing to many, the ability to play games. In fact, the Roku 2 XS set to retail at the price of $99.99, is shipping to retailers now and includes a Wii-like remote incorporating motion control to enjoy gaming on the device. To help launch gaming support on the new Roku 2, the groundbreaking mobile game, Angry Birds will debut on the platform allowing users to experience Angry Birds on the big screen."

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Nick2120042437d ago

I can see OnLive talking with Roku about a partnership opportunity now, if they weren't already.

Persistantthug2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Because Retail won't allow it to be.

If you don't understand what I mean,
then just think back the last time you went to ANY large chain store or Gamestop....

I bet you didn't see Onlive's console anywhere in the store.

Best Buys won't even allow the thing in their parking lot. lol

Seriously though....Digital Download only consoles will never find success as long as they need to be sold in brick & mortar retail.....never.

killajd2437d ago

same onlive is becoming popular

Ravenor2437d ago

Yeah Angry Birds the game I can't play for 2 minutes without feeling incredibly bored.

On the topic of Onlive, I love even more latency on the image and the game in general. It makes competitive games really fun when you know you're behind everyone else even more then if you just had the hardware.

But it's cheap right? /s