Halo Combat Evolved: What’s in store for November 15, 2011.

Join as we take a look at what awaits us in the highly anticipated HD remake of Halo: CE.

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rattlesnake252557d ago

cool halo story. got a couple of my own! lmao

aviator1892557d ago

Same here. I got into this franchise after my cousins booted up Halo CE and they let me play truth and reconciliation. My god, the score in that level just incredibly fit the level. Although, my favorite level is still assault on the control room.

HaVoK3082557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

It be cool for the Halo CE remake to have it's own multiplayer, but sure they felt it would either confuse gamers or split the community.

Bigpappy2557d ago

It will have online multiplayer, no? I was prety sure I read that some where. I will research it to be sure.

vishant1012557d ago

It has a secound disc for halo ce maps that will work on reach's multiplayer. What this means it will have amour abilities and weapons from reach not halo ce.

tigertron2557d ago

Basically like ODST was to Halo 3. It made no sense to split the community between Halo 3, Reach AND Halo CEA all before Halo 4.

xVeZx2557d ago

halo 4 mp beta whoooo

vishant1012557d ago

This game has more new features then mw3 from mw

MasterD9192556d ago

Reach was missing a lot of classic Halo styled maps so I welcome the fact that they are using Reach for MP. I think it would be a little ridiculous to have 3 different MP games for Halo before Halo 4 considering they have Reach and Halo 3 still active with hundreds of thousands of players a day.