Wii U to See Insomniac Support? 'You Never Know,' says Ted Price

Resistance developer Insomniac Games unveiled its first multi-platform title at E3 this year: Overstrike. The action game will be made available on both Xbox 360 and PS3 whenever it ships, but what about Wii U? After all, Wii U will be at least as powerful as PS3/360 and EA (which is publishing the game for Insomniac) is one of the biggest supporters of Nintendo's new system.

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donniebaseball2554d ago

I bet it will land on Wii U.

gamingdroid2554d ago

but if it has an online pass, I ain't buying it.

That said, if this trends continue I won't have games to buy! :(

fluffydelusions2554d ago

I still wonder why Sony never bought these guys.

golsilva2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Heres my thinking. I think sony wanted to because this studio produces consistent AAA games, but the thing is price and insominaiac value their independent status very much. they dont want to be bought out or anything like that. this has to be prime reason.

For this article, its probably not out of the question. insomniac is already releasing ratchet and resistance in the fall, which means thats when they put their full effort on overstrike. The earliest is spring 2012 and im thinking fall 2012 is more likely, which falls within wii u launch and given ea push to have games on every single platform imaginable, its very possible.

Nitrowolf22554d ago

i wondered to, but i think it's because the Studio wanted to remain independent.

charmer2554d ago

all developers will support the wiiu....cause the possibility for being creative is endless on that system and controller

gamingdroid2554d ago

I try to be open minded, but it is a tablet attached to a controller. It certainly opens up some doors, but hardly "endless".

dark-hollow2554d ago

with creative developers like them, am excited for their work if they develop for the wii u

StarWolf2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

i can see Wii-u , nintendo, and isomniac games having a very good relationship in the future. Im sure Isomniac / Teddy Price knows that the nintendo audience would eat up a game like Ratchet and Clank or any type of creative Isomniac style games. Too bad Sony owns Ratchet .

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