Rage - The Wasteland

October 4 is the day when everyone will finally get their hands on id Software’s Rage. Rage doesn’t follow the traditional shoot formular that id Software is known for.

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frankymv2373d ago

I'm curious as to how this game will turn out. Looks very promising.

ElmosGotAGun2373d ago

Yeah me too, it seems a lot like borderlands, just a little less RPG like.

Sub4Dis2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

and the NPCs that give you missions actually talk. and the graphics are better. and the gunplay looks more responsive and rewarding. and the AI looks infinitely smarter and unique.

meetajhu2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

idSoftware will take over the graphics crown for this generation. Every id game will always look the best out there when it releases