PlayStation Classics Revisited: Omega Boost

Shogun Gamer takes a look back at the underrated PS1 gem that was Polyphony Digital's Omega Boost.

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Godmars2902375d ago

Not a full new game or a release of the PS1 version, but a new PSN version of the game. Even if it has to be 2GB+ and $30. Put out a demo for the uneducated while the rest of us will gladly pay day one.

So long as the soundtrack is metal.

dragonyght2375d ago

kinda agree but i don't mind a modern release

sinncross2375d ago

Just release the original on PSN and make a fullblown sequel.

And at the same time just release the odd DLC for GT5 ans keep the game thriving.

dragonyght2375d ago

my heart just skip a beat the when i saw PSN classic in the titles i though it was gonna be release into the psn store