Augmented Reality demo "SLAM" for PS Vita

Augmented Reality demo for the PS Vita from Develop Conference 2011 (Brighton, UK).

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superadvanced2500d ago

this is cool and all but what happened to the technical discussion? i was looking forward to finding out how much ram is in this thing.

MasterCornholio2500d ago

People claim that Nintendo has the best AR tech but from all the videos i have seen. It seems that Sony are the ones who are pushing the technology forward. But that is to be expected because of the Vitas superior processing capability due to it having a quad core processor. I would really like to see more videos showing off Sonys AR tech.


Yeah i really would like to know the ram as well. But i have pretty sure it has over 256 MB of ram.

Cloudberry2500d ago

Or still using AR Card?

jujubee882500d ago

The marker can be whatever object you want it to be (probably has to be flat, thought). The example used in the video was a newspaper.

It actually uses SLAM technology (Simultaneous localization and mapping) foundin robots and my guess is that an object that is not the "marker" could be noticed and its length, width and height would be noticed by the camera (before hand) and the game can be rendered while aware of its settings.

This is a small glimpse into the future of AR gaming. It is already at the door step (so to speak).