The Best Case Mod Ever? [PICS]

GR - "This incredible aquarium PC case makes use of mineral oil to perpetually drown the system components in the non-conductive liquid. The heat generated by the components dissipates at a much more efficient rate through the oil, keeping everything nice and cool. While there really is no risk to the components, submerging your motherboard, video card, and everything else into the oil will definitely void the warranty. The $461 price tag for the DIY kit is also nothing to sneeze at, either."

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Valay2502d ago

It's alright I guess...

ATiElite2502d ago

Ah yes the old Mineral Oil PC set-up.

Guaranteed to provide very high levels of over clocking

I guess the new SSD drives can be dipped in there as well leaving only the optical drives not getting wet.

cannon88002502d ago

Yeah dude that's like the only thing you can use without destroying the components hehe

xtremexx2502d ago

this is unbelievably stupid .... wait a second, its unbelievably smart, nothing can overheat, its in water!

Fishy Fingers2502d ago

An insulating oil. But yeah ;)

cannon88002502d ago

not water lol that would be bad. It's mineral oil.

BlmThug2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Isnt A Looker, More Of A Look Away

Max Power2502d ago

It's more of a double take.

"Oh look a fish tank....wait, what?"

C_Menz2502d ago

Awesome, just have to hope a little leak doesn't pop up... And taking it apart to add additional hardware would be very messy..

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The story is too old to be commented.