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GameZone's Kyle Hilliard reviews Burn the City for the iPhone. It is a destruction/puzzle game in which you should a lot of fireballs (ammo not an issue) out of your green monster's mouth in order to blow up cities. The puzzle aspect is trajectory and bouncing off of objects.

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athmaus2555d ago

Never heard of this game....looks interesting...thx for review

lance422555d ago

no problem. i do my iOS gaming on my ipod touch and use an evo for my phone. glad if this article helped.

TheAmericnDream2555d ago

I like the dinosaur (dragon?).

DemonStration2555d ago

There are tons of cool iOS games, keep up the reviews!

TheSanchezDavid2555d ago

I really dig the visual style of this game. The mention of promising puzzles makes me very intrigued in this title.

mystakin2554d ago

Seems like an alright game. May be best as a game to fill that Angry Birds shaped hole once your finished that that game. I really need to get me an iOS device.

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