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Calm Down Sunshine2559d ago

Well, watching that was a waste of time...

DoomeDx2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago ) is making huge profit by posting leaked video's on their site =/.

nice way of getting money. Steal video's from other users, put them on their site, advertise on N4G
Gameplay is old btw, we've seen it yesterday

also i lol'd at the Alternate source "Is This Leaked Battlefield 3 Alpha Video Footage? ( "

No shit

Jumper092559d ago

that worries so much... THe console versions are in trouble...
srsly. The game is 2.5 month away and still no 360 footage

FunkMcnasty2559d ago

Nah.. I think the console versions will be fine. They will more than likely be improved over BC2's graphics (which I thought were pretty awesome).

I think EA and DICE are only showing off the PC footage only, because that way they can maximize profits by letting the ever fickle PC community know that this is built specifically for the PC, while taking advantage of the fact that it WILL sell on consoles as well.. especially when many folks that aren't really "in-the-know" about gaming and console hardware will see the screenshots and incredible PC graphics and will think it will look the same on consoles. I think it's just EA's tactic of attempting to slay the Activision dragon this fall.

uncharted562559d ago

the beta will be released in September, you can judge the online graphics then. Singleplayer graphics will quite more impressive then mp you can assume and take that at least on the consoles.

fooxy2559d ago

ah fuck now whole internet gonna watch same vid for next month, at least somebody should leak some lengthy gameplay in HD

SweatyFlorida2559d ago

Yah that guy has the clearest quality so far, and pretty good player as well :)

Downloading in 1080p and transferring to my SD to my Ps3 to watch on the big screen ^^

chak_2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I feel bad for DICE which got completly spoiled with all those NDA breakup.

I hope they sue, or at least ban all those video recorders

Hellsvacancy2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

These videos suck because the player sucks at playin

Id make some awesome clips if it was me

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The story is too old to be commented.