The Cat's Been in The Sandbox Again: What Rockstar Has Hopefully Learned for GTA V

GP blogger, Standard Minion writes, "GTA IV was a joy many times over. I’m not going to debate that. It featured a believable main character, memorable supporting characters, a good story, and improved upon many of the traditional GTA gameplay trappings. However, when I’m playing an angry man who is firing a rocket launcher outside of a helicopter, then my suspension of disbelief is given rather more reinforcing. It’s because of this point in particular that I found it so damnedably annoying when any vehicle would handle like, well, an actual vehicle. Sure, the Aurora Engine is a fantastic piece of middleware, capable of simulating exactly how Niko would crash through a windshield, were he to decide that slamming into a pine tree at 100 MPH was a good idea. However, I found it all sorts of irritating that I couldn’t drift around corners with a little help from Dr. Handbrake, as I could while playing the other titles in the series."

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nickjkl2553d ago

wait you couldnt drift around corners in gta 4 because you didnt have the skill to do it dont blame the game

but then he brings up saints row which had the worst driving of any video game eveeeeeeer

The Matrix2553d ago

I would like to see Rockstar try to innovate the sandbox game. There were many times in Red Dead and GTA that I felt bogged down by the massiveness of the world.

BlmThug2553d ago

3 Years Since Gta 4. please Announce Gta V

The_Quiet_Man2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I liked alot of things about GTA IV like the driving, the cars were quicker (I prefered the driving in this), shooting was a lot more solid & added cover, graphics were improved over the last game, I liked some of the characters like Niko, Roman, Patrick & Jacob.

Although despite this, the game was kind of boring. The story was ok a bit depressing at times especially towards the end & after the bank job, the game basically anticlimaxes right to the end.

I think Rockstar could've added some wacky side missions to compensate for the realistic & somewhat depressing storyline. Where the hell did the planes & jetpacks disappear too? even the choppers were scarce. Flying was one of my favourite things in SA & VC nothing like jumping in a Hydra or the Brown Thunder apache & killing everyone.

Overall it had some good points but I just found it boring half the time, I completed it twice to see the alternate ending & traded it soon after as I felt it became a chore especially finishing of the last couple of missions, I knew I'd never play it again.

I actually find it hard to rate this game because I liked some things that were added, I wasn't expecting the storyline to be so serious at times which I didn't think suited the GTA cartoony artstyle of the game, the lack of flying & general lack of crazy things to do just put me off, not a bad game but not good either it just kind of scrapes by. It definitely didn't come close to the SA or the VC expectations I had (which are still better games in my opinion, despite being older).

Saints Row2 (sure it was 2) I only played for about 2 hours in a friends, looked alright, customising the character was a nice touch but the driving was desperate, couldn't get over how bad it was. I've played the original Outrun in the arcades about nearly 20yrs ago & that had better car physics for a game with no physics in it. I can't really judge SR2 since I didn't really play it but the driving was terrible enough for me not to buy it. The new game though, looks pretty good I just hope the fixed the driving part.